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The Water Programme has created a journey for Congress participants as a guide through the Forum leading into the Business Assembly. The water journey's goal is to share knowledge, build understanding and form new partnerships; looking at watersheds as systems and finding solutions for balancing different water uses.

This journey explores the success stories of IUCN's Water Programme demonstration sites and profiles the work of IUCN Members. Each event illustrates that cooperation and interdisciplinary approaches are imperative in water resource management decisions.

Of the more than 800 events during the Congress, around 50 events have been selected to be part of the Water Journey. The Water Programme has divided these 50 events into 4 rivers to help navigate through the immense selection. This is by no means obligatory, but is a suggestion to delve deeper and learn more about specific topics.

The 4 rivers are: Water Management & Environmental Flows, Good governance & Stakeholder Participation, Ecosystem Services & Water Security and Global Issues & Climate Change.

In addition to the Forum events there are also parallel events running throughout most of the Congress (October 6-13) in the Water Pavilion by regions, partners and members.   All members are welcome to use the Water Pavilion as a place for informal meetings during the business assembly.

Anyone may register for the Water Journey online (Water Journey registration) or at the Water Pavilion at Congress. Each participant will receive a Water Journey brochure at registration which provides a daily schedule of all water-related events.

Each morning coffee hour from 9-10 am and during evening happy hours the participants of the journey will meet at the Water Pavilion to share their experiences of the day. Through these informal discussions we would like to build understanding of water issues and the IUCN programme.

Water Journey Logbook and Brochure
This Water Journey Logbook (+25 pages) has in depth information about the Water related events at Congress which include abstracts. There are three sections:
• Introduction to Journey
• Journey Schedule
• Journey Daily Schedule with abstracts
• Who’s who in the Water Programme
Due to the length of the Journey Programme, please take into consideration saving paper before printing it.

At Congress we will provide a printed Water Journey Brochure which will have a schedule of all the events described in this detailed programme.

Katharine Cross

Journey guide

Katharine Cross