The issues

A diverse and sustainable world

A new Climate for Change - Healthy Environments - healthy people - Safeguarding the diversity of life

What are our alternatives for a more sustainable future ? The Congress theme – a diverse and sustainable world – is the basis for developing a compelling vision of how the world can be in the next two decades.

Throughout the world, innovative sustainable development initiatives are underway in government, civil society and the private sector that are making a difference and charting a new course for our communities, nations and planet.

These efforts demonstrate that in many different settings and in many different sectors, integrated and longer-term approaches to restoring, protecting and sustainably using natural assets can lead to new livelihood and economic opportunities with renewed environmental vitality.

Our challenge is how to scale-up and mainstream these encouraging innovations and how to create the enabling conditions for more sustainable and equitable alternatives to flourish.

Shaping sustainable solutions

A range of innovations will be showcased at the Congress, including community and local initiatives, policy and governance reforms, solutions based on traditional and indigenous knowledge, more sustainable business models and investment opportunities, initiatives inspiring ethical behavior and youth, innovative methods for integrating gender equity into conservation work, the latest technologies and emerging multi-sector partnerships.

A major focus will be the role of economic tools and markets in supporting the transition to sustainability by stimulating new production practices and consumption patterns. Alternative market models, governance reforms, partnerships and political alliances will also be considered.

Challenges, opportunities and potential solutions will be addressed at the Congress through three streams - A new climate for change, Healthy environments - healthy people , and Safeguarding the diversity of life.

The emphasis will be on making real change happen from local to global levels, across all sectors and domains, with young and old, men and women, in cities and rural areas, and from all cultural perspectives, to shape sustainable solutions for our future.

Multimedia series

Learn more about the various issues that will be discussed during the World Conservation Forum exploring our multimedia series.

Blood and potatoes - multimedia series

Healthy environments - healthy people: blood and potatoes

Human health and biodiversity; the two are fundamentally inseparable. The food we eat, the multitude of pills we swallow for anything from the common cold to cancer all stem from living matter, the sum of which makes up biodiversity. Even oil and gas are nothing more than ancient biodiversity.
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Saving the roots of life

Safeguarding the diversity of life: saving the roots of life

Biodiversity means something different to each one of us, but we all depend on it for just about every aspect of our lives, from the variety of food we eat to the feel of the clothes we wear. Human development has so far occurred without proper consideration for the balances of the natural world. But our understanding has grown immeasurably in the last two decades. It is now time to turn thoughts and words into sustainable progress.
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Climate Change: a burning issue

Climate Change: a burning issue

Every day, everywhere, it’s getting hotter. The weather is more unpredictable, ice is melting, plants are disappearing and insects are appearing where they shouldn’t. These alarming trends aren’t new. There has been a lot of talk about the need to fight climate change, but disappointingly this has not been matched by action. Recently, however, there have been some changes that may yet herald the beginning of a new era in humanity’s fight against climate change.
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Multimedia series
  • Healthy environments - healthy people: blood and potatoes
  • Healthy environments - buy yo´ diversity
  • Safeguarding the diversity of life: life in the slipknot
  • Safeguarding the diversity of life: saving the roots of life
  • Climate Change: a burning issue
  • Climate Change: beyond mitigation