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The IUCN Red List of Threatened Species

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The Species Journey will focus on the IUCN Red List and how it informs the conservation activities of IUCN’s members and partners. Together we will take a closer look at all aspects of the IUCN Red List,  from the collection of data, to how species are assessed (and the software used), to the applications of the information in the Red List.

Our aim is to further engage members in “Red Listing” and increase the use of Red List information in conservation activities worldwide.

This journey has a very limited number of events that were selected because they are directly relevant to the Red List. If you are interested in all events related to species conservation, please search the Forum Programme for the word "species".

The most up to date journey is in the brochures below, not in the online programme.

Species Journey Brochures

The Species Pavilion: Congress's hub for conversations about species

The Species Pavilion aims to be hub for all species and Red List issues and conversations. We look forward to welcoming you there!

The full programme of Species Pavilion events is in the journey brochure. Please download the invitation below for more information.

Species Pavilion Invitation
Julie Griffin

Journey guides

Julie Griffin
SSC Network Support Officer, Species Programme

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