Protected Areas Journey

Protected areas for life’s sake!

Protected Areas Journey - Colour

50 years after its creation the World Commission on Protected Areas (WCPA) in collaboration with the IUCN Programme on Protected Areas will celebrate through various workshops, launches, knowledge cafés, movies and awards the commitment of all those for whom protected areas are essential.

Critical issues for protected areas such as launching of enhanced guidance on how to apply the IUCN system on protected areas management categories, the role of protected areas in climate change mitigation and adaptation strategies, new directions in protected areas management and governance; evaluation of management effectiveness; and involvement of the youth community as tomorrow’s leaders, will be debated during the Congress Forum.

Your journey on protected areas issues will start on Oct. 6th with Nik Lopoukhine, current WCPA chair, who will open the festivities with “Celebrating PAs, their values and their people” at 14:30 in the plenary room. Don’t miss your chance to step in the action for a better future towards the World’s Protected Areas!

Rest stops

Promotional materials and information are displayed on our WCPA exhibition booth. Don’t hesitate to visit it.

David Sheppard

Journey guides

David Sheppard,
Head, Protected Areas Programme

Pedro Rosabal

Pedro Rosabal,
Senior Officer, Protected Areas Programme

Interview with Nik Lopoukhine, Chairman of IUCN's World Commission on Protected Areas

Nik Lopoukhine

WCPA Chair