This Journey will demonstrate how Law and Governance permeates all the work of IUCN and is at the heart of its members’ concerns. It also illustrates how governance and law are inter-related, and must be viewed as a tandem. A tandem working to define what good governance is, how law can support it, and how the two are intertwined in an ever-continuing feedback process.

A particular objective of this Journey is to highlight that these subjects are at the heart of all IUCN Programmes, cutting across the lines of themes and regions.

And so, while the IUCN Environmental Law Programme has a key role to play in the development of environmental law at global, regional and national levels, this Journey shows how this task is linked to, and influenced by, the evolution of the concept of good governance throughout the Union’s activities.

This is why this Journey does not only feature the views and cutting-edge activities of the ELP in the field of rights and responsibilities (1532), ethics (1239) soil conservation (1234), ocean governance (1238), biofuels (1236), protected areas (1240), and armed conflicts (1235), but also provide several paths to the work of other programmes, and of IUCN members active in law and governance field.

The Journey will start by addressing the fundamental basis of law and governance, namely its ethical foundation with the CEL Workshop ‘Keeping Nature Alive – the Ethical Foundations of Nature Conservation in the 21st Century’ (1239).

It continues by addressing law and governance in a number of sectoral fields: water, forests, fisheries, energy, as well as in relation to several new pressing cross sectoral issues, ranging from rights and responsibilities to liability and compensation. It will also provide views about pressing governance issues in frontier areas: the marine environment, in particular the high seas, and the ever increasing challenges of climate change.

All these are at the heart of IUCN concerns, and the results from events in this Journey will no doubt influence the IUCN programme for the next intersessional period.

Be part of this Journey, and make yourself heard!