Future Leaders – Youth at the World Conservation Congress

Young people are the key to securing our economies and ecosystems for the future. We need their insight, ideas and passion to ensure a diverse and sustainable world!

How can we harness the innovation and enthusiasm of young leaders to ensure sustainable conservation solutions? How can we ensure the transfer of knowledge across generations to make sustainability a reality?

Following Nelson Mandela’s call for youth leadership in conservation at the 2003 World Parks Congress, the World Conservation Congress in Barcelona is an opportunity to allow young people express their opinions, encourage intergenerational partnerships and help future leaders prepare themselves to address the complex global challenges of our world.

What will the world look like in 2050? How will a sustainable future unfold? IUCN’s Congress is a place to meet and join sustainable development ambassadors as they visualize ecosystems scenarios. We invite you to learn about and help chart the path to building leadership and capacity in the next generation of managers; contribute to achieving the vision of training 1 million new leaders for sustainable development across business, government, technology, civil society, and academia by the year 2030.

Where to meet young professionals at WCC

Daily gatherings for will be held at 0845am in front of the IUCN Commission on Education and Communication Stand.

The WBCSD Pavilion will be a focal point for business and for young leaders from business, government and civil society to discuss their relative roles and responsibilities. Ideal for networking, come to the pavilion to meet the WBCSD’s Future Leaders.

Young Leader Events - a number of workshops and events are organized by or focusing on youth and leadership for the future.

Online discussion groups and blogs

Contribute to and join the Campaign for Intergenerational Partnership for Sustainability (IPS) at: http://intergenerationalpartnership.wikispaces.com/Overview

Join www.connect2earth.org, the green online community for young people launched by IUCN and WWF. On this site, young people from around the world can share their ideas about environmental issues and solutions through their own video, pictures and text.


For more information on Youth-related Events at Congress please contact:

Ms Cathrine Mutambirwa
Coordinator - Conservation Leaders for Tomorrow
IUCN South Africa
Tel: +27 (12) 3428304/5/6
Email: cathrine.mutambirwa@iucn.org