How long can islands battle against challenges such as climate change impacts and limited economic opportunities until someone loses their home, their livelihood or their island getaway? Come on this journey to discover what IUCN and its members are doing in islands, share what you do and contribute towards what more can be done to assist islands in meeting their conservation and development challenges. AND make some islands friends along the way!

IUCN is further developing its work on islands through its Islands Initiative, which focuses on addressing integrated management challenges for marine, coastal and terrestrial ecosystems, for the conservation of island biodiversity and the sustainable development of island communities. The islands journey will include taking you through IUCN launching its Caribbean Initiative, through the outcomes of the recent Reunion Conference on islands and climate change, through the expanding work of IUCN and its members in Oceania, and through the latest developments in the Global Islands Partnership (GLISPA). Come on this journey to find out about what IUCN, together with its members, are doing in islands around the world.

Set sail on the journey by collecting your information pack at the Global Island Partnership (GLISPA) booth and we have events plotted out for each day of the forum. To make the best of the sun and the surf along the way, there will be a rest stop, an Island Fiesta, on 9th October, at Room EUROPA, World Trade Centre, Barcelona. The journey will provide opportunities to discuss, network, share invigorating ideas and to provide input as IUCN’s Islands Initiative gets underway.

You are invited to register for this journey by emailing!