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From aquaculture and governance to ecosystem management and the establishment of a representative system of marine protected areas; the Mediterranean Journey will explore challenges and success stories and seek to forge novel alliances and shared management of resources, thus opening a sea of opportunities for the conservation of the Mediterranean!

This Journey feeds into the bigger picture of cooperation that IUCN-Med is drawing for the region and engages new actors and constituencies. Besides our members, there are considerable new members in the region who will be attending the Congress for the first time and get to closely know how IUCN works and how they can be involved in the delivery of the new programme. Along with members, this journey will provide a platform to bring together our commission members and partners and donors to discuss opportunities and develop new partnerships, contributing to the IUCN's vision for the Mediterranean. 

Since the issues to be discussed are of a regional nature, the Journey will encourage commitments from Mediterranean Governments and relevant agencies relevant to issues of common interest, such as improving the governance of the Mediterranean, safeguarding our species, developing innovative ideas for the conservation of our common sea and last but not least, learn what sort of partnerships with the private sector can support our conservation agenda. All of those issues form an integral part of the 2009-2012 programme, and the Forum is the first step in defining the roles and responsibilities of the Mediterranean constituency in actively contributing to this programme.

The Mediterranean Journey starts with the Welcome Meeting and delivery of the “Med Message” at the Barcelona Zoo on Monday, October 6, and continues throughout the Forum. Stop at the Mediterranean Corner, in the Members Lounge, for more details.

Rest stops

Rest stops will take place in the Mediterranean Corner, within the Members Lounge. Here, Mediterranean members and partners will be provided with space to discuss issues of common interest. This space will provide an adequate opportunity to debate, share, network, learn, commit, vote and decide on the future of our region and discuss ideas, action and solutions for a diverse and sustainable Mediterranean.

Rami A. Salman

Journey guide

Rami A. Salman,
Head of Programme, IUCN Centre for Mediterranean Cooperation


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Mediterranean Journey
Viaje por el Mediterráneo
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