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Protecting planet ocean

Marine Journey - Colour

How far can we move ocean governance forward in the 21st Century? What is the best way to prevent coral reefs and the immensely diverse communities they sustain from collapsing due to climate change? What tools are required to fuel a new marine conservation dynamic? How will we ensure that future generations will enjoy oceans teeming with life and diversity? To contribute to responding to these questions, you are invited to embark on a voyage within and across the 4 themes that compose the marine journey: oceans and high seas governance; marine protected areas; oceans and climate change; and fisheries. From presenting the issues at stake, to identifying options and providing solutions to tackle them, the marine journey aims at making a consequential step towards improved conservation and sustainable management of our oceans.

Rest stops

Rest stops will primarily take place in the Oceans Pavilion. We look forward to meeting you there.

Journey guides

James Oliver

Sarah Gotheil

Beach panorama, Samoa

Beach panorama, Samoa

Photo: Imène Meliane IUCN