Information for event organizers

Forum outputs: How to report on your event!

Reporting is the responsibility of all event organizers

We are all putting a lot of effort into making the Barcelona World Conservation Congress (WCC) as successful as possible. Many of you are planning outputs of various sorts from your own events. In addition to this, we would like to prepare a more unified set of outputs from the Congress.

We plan to publish a major synthesis volume about the state of conservation at the end 2008 based on the main outcomes of the WCC. This publication will bring together a variety of outputs collected from the Forum.

Contribute to overall Congress Outputs and inform people about your event’s outcomes!

We invite each Workshop and Knowledge Café organizer to complete and submit a short and simple event report form. Each report received will contribute to the Congress conclusions and synthesis volume, as well as being posted on the website linked to the relevant event.

Download Word Form in English ¦ Español ¦ Français

We will also be capturing the messages form the 100+ Posters submitted for the Forum. Several IUCN staff are tasked with documenting these messages for the overall outputs and we will be giving special recognition to the three most outstanding posters. 

Questions? Comments? Contact : FORUMREPORTS@IUCN.ORG

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Logistical information - Guidelines for workshop organizers - Guidelines for speakers - Shipping of Goods and DocumentsPress events

Logistical information

Please refer to the enclosed detailed information about the room allocated to your event and the standard audio-visual equipment provided free of charge by IUCN. Please note that a change of set-up is not possible, not even at an extra cost, due to lack of time between 2 sessions.

  • For additional equipment or services (audio-visual, technician, electricity, furniture, etc.), at your own cost, please complete the attached order form “Extra Equipment & Services Order Form for Workshops”.
  • For catering requirements, at your own cost, please complete the “Coffee Break Order Form”. Due to the running of over 25 simultaneous events and very short intermissions, only coffee breaks are permitted in certain rooms and for a limited number of participants (see this document). We regret to inform you that in a number of rooms catering is not allowed as the priority was given to maximize the seating capacity and respect evacuation & security rules in the adjacent foyers.

We remind you that any catering and/or additional equipment/services will be at your own expense upon request and availability.

Please also note that a surcharge of 20% on top of shown prices will be effective as of 10 September.

Please refer also to the Questions & Answers document about specific details you may have regarding the running of your event.

Guidelines for workshop organizers

General guidelines on how to prepare your events can be viewed here:

Checklist for workshop organizers

  1. Registration
    • All event organizers need to be registered as individuals to the Congress by 31 July at the very latest and to send an email to with their registration number. Events for which organizers have not registered by this date will get cancelled.
    • Event organizers need to make sure that all their speakers are registered to the Congress by 12 September. Information on how to submit presentations will be provided later this summer.
  2. Speaker Coordination
    • Be sure to read the IUCN notice on Intellectual property rights and share this with your speakers
    • Ensure your speakers comply with deadlines for submitting any powerpoints presentations or other supporting materials for your session.
    • Speakers must go to the Speaker Preview Room (located on M1 floor) to download any presentation support (Powerpoint, etc). They may do this at any time during the official hours of the Forum, but AT LEAST 3 hours before their presentation (or the day before when the workshop is scheduled to start at 09:30).
    • Make sure that speakers are aware of the special instructions provided below
  3. Event management
    • As much as possible, use creative approaches and engage participants in their sessions to share their knowledge and know-how, and foster understanding and consensus-building on issues.
    • As much as possible, please support IUCN’s efforts to make this a ‘green’ Congress by avoiding unnecessary distribution of papers – upload them to the Internet instead and distribute little business cards only with the titles and links to the documents. If you do need to bring printed copies of documents, halve the weight by printing double-sided on Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certified paper or on recycled paper. A list of FSC-certified printers in Barcelona can be downloaded here.

Guidelines for speakers

Speakers need to keep in mind that it is difficult to maintain audiences’ interest and participation when the programme requires listening to a series of key note speeches. Also remember that with more than 700 events in the Forum, it is possible that some things that you are presenting might have been said in other events before. Therefore, it would be helpful to:

  • Read the IUCN instructions for speakers (new!!)
  • Check out events on similar topics that have taken place before your session to make sure you link to them.
  • Make sure that your presentations are sharp and clear to the point and leave enough time to engage with the audience.
  • Bear in mind that the majority of your audience might not be a native speaker of the language you use. Make sure to speak slowly and clearly and to use vocabulary that is easy to understand.
  • Take note of the IUCN notice on Intellectual Property Rights.
  • If your session is interpreted, make sure to read and consider the AECI tips for speakers.
  • Presentation with Internet (new!!)
    Important: To avoid any possible virus affecting the whole speaker preview system, the PC provided in the room by IUCN to project your presentation during the Forum will NOT be linked to Internet. This is only applicable in the meeting rooms at the CCIB and not at the AC Barcelona Hotel (Learning Opportunities). Please note that this is a correction to erroneous information previously indicated. Further info - see below.

Information on freight forwarding

In case you need to ship goods or documents for your event, please check out the information here.

Press events (Press conferences, book launches, photo opportunities)

Deadline for submitting requests for press events was 1 September. IUCN shall publicise the final press event schedule before 19 September.

IUCN’s Communications Unit makes the final decision on whether or not an event request will qualify for a press conference slot.

Allocation is on the basis of the following order of priorities:

  • IUCN Member Organizations
  • IUCN Commissions and Commission Members
  • Partner organizations
  • Other groups organizing a Forum event (6-9 October)
  • Other groups

Organisers of press events are expected to provide the IUCN Secretariat with the list of speakers and their affiliation, as well as any press materials (media advisory; news release, press kits), at least 24 hours before the scheduled press event.

Presentation with internet

We strongly recommend inserting in your presentation the screen shots of what you would like to present (and avoid a life presentation). Alternatively
Alternatively, should you really need to connect to Internet during your presentation, this will only be possible by ordering/bringing the following at your own cost:

  • bringing your own laptop or renting one additional PC at € 240.00 + VAT
  • ordering a 512Kb Internet cable connection at € 584.40 + VAT to ensure constant signal. Alternatively you can use the free wireless but the Congress Venue is warning that the connexion may be affected by the number of users connected simultaneously

We do apologize for the inconvenience the previous incorrect information may have caused.