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How can markets and business help realize the IUCN vision of “a just world that values and conserves nature”? Is there a business case for biodiversity? How is biodiversity being addressed in major market sectors? What is needed to ensure effective business and biodiversity partnerships? Can economic incentives be used to encourage companies and consumers to halt the loss of biodiversity and restore ecosystem integrity? Do we have the right indicators to measure the biodiversity impacts of markets and business?

Market processes have significant impacts on landscapes and seascapes. They use vast amounts of biological resources – both domesticated and wild. And they determine how the costs and benefits of this use are distributed among key stakeholders ranging from land owners and resource suppliers to workers, consumers and investors. Finally, taxes on market activities are the basis of almost all government spending, providing much needed funding for public programmes to conserve biodiversity, both nationally and internationally.

If you seek a better understanding of the challenges and opportunities of enlisting business and consumers in biodiversity conservation, join us on a journey through the markets!

Throughout the Congress there are many events related to economics, markets and business. Our journey takes you to a cross-cutting selection of these, focusing broadly on major market sectors and key market tools.

Our journey highlights several events related to agriculture, extractive industries and tourism – all of which have significant linkages to biodiversity. Our journey also highlights events related to partnerships between conservation organizations and business, new economic incentives and biodiversity indicators for business. These events all profile innovative approaches to using the market to conserve biodiversity.

Rest stops

When you need a rest, you can always stop off at the World Business Council for Sustainable Development Pavilion and learn more about what the WBCSD member companies are doing to improve their environmental performance. You can also stop off at the Futures Pavilion where fellow travellers will also be congregating to discuss market challenges and opportunities for IUCN.

The journey begins

Our journey begins at the Futures Pavilion with a kick-off talk by Dr Joshua Bishop, IUCN’s Chief Economist. Upcoming events will be introduced and journey guides will be distributed.

The journey ends

Our journey ends at the WBCSD Pavilion. During this session, we will have an opportunity to reflect on our travels and to identify opportunities for future market and business initiatives with IUCN Members, Commissions, Partners and the Secretariat.

Saskia de Koning

Saskia de Koning
Advisor IUCN Business and Biodiversity Programme

Dr Joshua Bishop

Journey guides

Dr Joshua Bishop
IUCN Chief Economist

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Markets Journey / Pourcours marchés et entreprises / Viaje de mercados y empresas