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Greening the Exhibition

The Exhibition will be an integral part of the Congress. As such we are asking Exhibitors to adhere to the highest possible environmental standards – using environmentally friendly and/or reusable/recyclable materials and minimizing packaging and waste – as far as possible.
We urge all Exhibitors not to bring hard copies of publications and brochures but instead to hand out information on where to find these documents electronically and to come up with creative ideas for showcasing their work without using paper. Please take note that there will be no space for storage at the Congress Venue.

Exhibition Layout

Please visit the Exhibition Layout – P0 (ground floor), Area 3 at Congress Venue (CCIB).

Please find enclosed the latest updated Exhibitor List by Alphabetical Name and by Numerical Order.

Upon signature of the contract and paid stand rental, the local Exhibition Professional Organizer, Grupo Pacífico, is sending confirmation of stand number.

Online Exhibition Service Booking Tool: to order at direct Exhibitor’s costs any extra equipments and services including freight forwarding, please visit: and do not forget to insert the stand number and location Area 3, P0.

Useful check-list to ensure a successful Exhibition.

Shipping of goods and documents

It is very important to read the shipping manual and respect the color code labeling, assigned according to the various final assigned locations. Detailed information on freight forwarding can be found under

To allow correct and timely delivery to your final assigned area, the following must be done (if not respected, delivery will be delayed, and nor IUCN Congress nor the official freight forwarding RESA will accept any liability when not complying with below instructions)

  • to print the "labels" on your freight boxes/crates/tubes and the "invoice template import" on a paper in the same color of the assigned final destination (example: print on red color paper your label and invoice if you shipping to an exhibition activity - such as Pavilion, Exhibition, Members & Commission Lounge or Entrepreneurial Women's Fair)
  • to insert the sub-code (up to 3 letter code) of assigned final destination in the "label" and "invoice template import" (example: P for Pavilion or W for Entrepreurial Women’s Fair)

How to book a stand

A few modular stands of 3mx2m (6 m2) are still available to rent from Monday 6 October to Saturday 11 October with a maximum of 2 stands per organization is allowed to ensure a diverse Exhibition.
Please read the IUCN Guidelines for exhibitors at the Congress which contains important information on

  • Objectives
  • Stand design
  • Rates
  • Dates and opening hours including set-up and dismantling
  • Spatial layout
  • How to book a stand
  • General rules and regulations
    • Types of, and Eligibility to, Exhibit
    • Booking, assignment, contracting and invoicing of space
    • Cancellation rules
    • Rules of conduct for Exhibitors
  • Exhibition Service Kit (available online once contract is signed and rental fee settled)
  • Deadlines
  • Contacts

The CCIB Regulations for Exhibitors can be viewed here.
To access the online request tool, click here.