Having the opportunity to meet, connect and network in an environment suitable to do business in is a valuable opportunity in today’s working environment. With this in mind, a space has been designed that will provide congress delegates with an emotive journey that will help with the discovery of conservation issues and how they fit into the bigger picture. The main entrance area of the congress venue will be transformed into a lively, attractive hub of activity. Themed, multi-purpose activity areas or pavilions will cover approximately 3,000 m² of floor space. Designed in an organic layout resembling a tree imprint, delegates will be guided along its trunk and branches into the pavilions that are declined in organic and welcoming leaf shapes.


Catalonia boasts one of the highest levels of biodiversity in Europe, being home to more species than many larger European countries. More than 30% of its territory belongs to Red Natura 2000 and it is also one of the European areas with the greatest density of pressures and impacts. Various factors, including an important degree of industrialization (20% of the GDP), a dynamic tourism sector (16 million annual visitors), intensified livestock production, and the fact that 80% of the population is concentrated on the coast, are exerting strong urban and infrastructure pressures. This pavilion shows solutions contributed by Catalonian administrations, research centres and NGOs in the areas of knowledge, planning, management, education, citizen participation, and the integration of biodiversity in territorial and sectoral policies.

European Union

The European Union (EU) represents the European Community and all its 27 Member States. The EU exhibition at the IUCN WCC will present information in English, French and Spanish, in an accessible and attractive way to help the delegates better understand what the EU is doing to halt the loss of biodiversity. This will be achieved by focusing on the various pertinent key EU instruments, such as the Natura 2000 network, the EU Biodiversity Action Plan, the Maritime and Agriculture policies as well as Development Cooperation. The EU pavilion is shared by the European Commission and the French presidency of the Council.


The Forests Pavilion focuses on IUCN members. Through design and content, the pavilion reflects the partnerships we have created with our members and how our work together journeys towards the same goals. IUCN members and partners are invited to the pavilion to enjoy a sustainable forest environment, to learn and share, to network and socialise, to profile their own work and to learn more about the forest journey. The Forests Pavilion will profile the work of IUCN members from all over the world and in doing so, hopes to encourage the planting of new ideas or new ways of looking at old ideas. The journey has just begun.


Come to the Futures Pavilion to see the challenges our world faces today and find out what IUCN’s solutions for a sustainable tomorrow are, all through the lens of the Union’s new Programme.

Shaping a sustainable future:
- changing the climate forecast
- managing ecosystems for human wellbeing
- naturally energizing the future
- greening the world economy

New audiences and partners will have the chance to be part of interactive presentations, discussions and demonstrations – as well as a mini-sustainable disco – which will help them learn about the new challenges and how to use nature’s solutions to change our ways.


With over 100 marine-related events featured at IUCN’s World Conservation Congress, IUCN’s Global Marine Programme profiles IUCN and its partners at the Oceans Pavilion under the theme ‘Protect Planet Ocean’. The pavilion promotes marine conservation work from around the world and provides a key hub for ocean-minded networking and events. Highlighting global marine activities, expedition launches and ground breaking marine conservation publications, the pavilion also offers hands-on experience with innovative science and technology. Join Google Earth Outreach, National Geographic, WCPA Marine and many more as we work together to ‘Protect Planet Ocean’.


The pavilion of the Government of Spain is based on the "tree footprint" concept design of the congress. It is made up of 3 content areas with the shape of the leaf veins: "Society in Action", "Natural spaces and conservation" and "Biodiversity and threats". The space will also offer a download area where guests will have access to all of the documentation. ¿Want a break? Experience the sounds of the natural heritage of Spain in the back lounge. In order to evaluate the environmental impact of the stand a Life Cycle Assessment of the design process, construction and merchandising will be carried out.


The Species Pavilion celebrates the diversity of life on the planet. IUCN Species Programme has partnered with the Environment Agency Abu Dhabi and Conservation International to create this dynamic, species-rich, interactive and events-packed venue. The Pavilion will showcase the work of the IUCN Species Survival Commission’s vast expert network, celebrate species all over the planet including those from the world’s most biodiverse areas, profile cutting edge initiatives such as Key Biodiversity Areas and highlight the unique perspective of the UAE in dealing with conservation challenges. Visit the Species Pavilion to meet and talk to the real species experts, see stunning photographs and videos, and hear presentations on critical conservation issues ranging from climate change to the business-case for the IUCN Red List.

Water programme

The Water Programme Pavilion will promote progress and innovation in the water sector from across the world. IUCN members and partners, as well as colleagues from regional offices and thematic programmes, will benefit from an open platform, plasma screens, and meeting area to communicate their work. Each day, the Pavilion programme highlights a different region and/or theme to ensure opportunities for engagement with key players involved in water resource management. The Water Pavilion will be the prime location at Congress for participants to showcase their work and products, as well as providing space for networking and building new partnerships. The Water Programme kindly invites you to morning briefings with coffee from 9-10 AM and a happy hour everyday between 6-7 PM.

World business council for sustainable development

The World Business Council for Sustainable Development (WBCSD)’s e3 Pavilion is the exclusive business platform in Barcelona. The e3 vision represents "Ecosystems + Equity + Economics = Sustainable Development" and demonstrates that ecosystems are everywhere and are everyone’s business.

The e3 pavilion will be a space for governments and civil society to engage with business representatives from companies, business organizations and industry groups. It will feature live interviews of top business representatives, book launches, announcements of future partnerships and commitments, the closing of the business and market journey, the most recent material on business and ecosystems, and much more.