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Juan Chavez

Manejando los bosques

El indígena Peruano Juan Chaves comenta cómo ha sido invitado para relatar la experiencia de su comunidad en el manejo sostenible de bosques. …  

06 Oct 2008 | Audio

David Sheppard, Head of IUCN's Protected Areas Programme

World’s national parks go on-line

David Sheppard, Head of IUCN's Protected Areas Programme, discusses the value of data in protected area management at the launch of the world database on protected areas, an online tool developed by IUCN and the United Nations Environment Programme's World Conservation Monitoring Centre.  …  

06 Oct 2008 | Audio

Sofia Mateus at the opening of the World Conservation Forum

Winning Connect2earth

Sofia Mateus is the grand prize winner of the connect2earth competition, designed to let young people have their say on the environment. Her video, on the theme of overpopulation, was picked as favourite by other young people logging onto the connect2earth website. She explains how she came to make the video, while John Kidd, Corporate Communications Manager for the IUCN, tells us about how the competition began. …  

06 Oct 2008 | Audio

Anabel Rial, gerente técnico de Conservation Internacional Venezuela

El todo por las partes

El trabajo de profesionales de la conservación de la mano con comunidades y estructuras locales organizadas muestran valiosos resultados en la búsqueda de la conservación de los anfibios en el ámbito local y global. …  

06 Oct 2008 | Audio

Esther Compadre Ortiz, Barcelona

Detrás del lente

Esther Compadre Ortiz vive en las afueras de Barcelona y es parte del equipo de fotógrafos cubriendo el Congreso Mundial de la Naturaleza de la UICN. Esther piensa que cada uno de nosotros tenemos la responsabilidad de cuidar el medio ambiente pero que los gobiernos deben liderar los esfuerzos. Esther espera que el Congreso concluya con soluciones concretas. …  

06 Oct 2008 | Audio

Kaori Yasuda, Bilateral Relations Officer at IUCN Headquarters

Business and governments start talking at Congress

Kaori Yasuda, Bilateral Relations Officer at IUCN Headquarters, explains how the Sustainability Dialogues, which start later today, will work. The first one will tackle how development programmes can make sure their work is environmentally friendly. …  

06 Oct 2008 | Audio

International Women Entrepreneurs Fair

High hopes for womens' issues

Jessica Mowat from Women in Business Development Inc. has travelled all the way from Samoa Island in the Pacific to Barcelona to learn, network and establish partnerships linking women with business development. It is just the beginning of her time at Congress but by the end of it, she has high hopes that gender concerns will be mainstream in environmental management.

06 Oct 2008 | Audio

Alejandro Jiménez, Unidad de Agua de la UICN-Mesoamérica

¡Rumbo a Barcelona! - Una iniciativa para crear conciencia

Alejandro Jiménez, de la Unidad de Agua de la UICN-Mesoamérica comenta por qué razón la iniciativa Navegando a Barcelona es una acción que generar interés público acerca del estado de los mares y costas en Europa. …  

05 Oct 2008 | Audio

Katharine Cross

Worlds of water at the Congress

Katharine Cross from IUCN’s Water Programme talks about some of the exciting events coming up at the IUCN World Conservation Congress’s Water Pavilion. …  

05 Oct 2008 | Audio

Mohammad Rafiq

Engaging business in biodiversity conservation

Former Head of IUCN’s Business and Biodiversity Programme, Mohammad Rafiq, speaks about how the Programme has helped businesses develop and follow good practice in biodiversity management over the past four years. …  

05 Oct 2008 | Audio