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New Members’ Portal: Resolutions and Recommendations System

In compliance with Resolution 4.011 (Development of an automated system to record Members’ actions on Resolutions and Recommendations to improve reporting at, and between, World Conservation Congresses), the IUCN Secretariat has developed an online tool to facilitate reporting by IUCN Members and the Secretariat on activities contributing to the implementation of Resolutions and Recommendations adopted at the 2008 World Conservation Congress in Barcelona.
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16 Feb 2010 | News story

Conservation for a New Era

Conservation for a New Era

The latest analysis of the state of conservation has been published today by IUCN. The book, Conservation for a New Era, outlines the critical issues facing us in the 21st century, developed from the results of last year’s World Conservation Congress in Barcelona. …  

17 Sep 2009 | International news release

Barcelona Congress

Most successful Congress to date says report

The final evaluation report available as well in French and Spanish,of the 2008 World Conservation Congress (WCC),  held in Barcelona, is available for consultation. The report, performed by independent evaluators Universalia, calls the Barcelona Congress the most successful congress to date. …  

24 Apr 2009 | News story

Compost project Sharkia, Egypt

Estimated carbon emissions from the IUCN World Conservation Congress fully offset

The IUCN World Conservation Congress is a truly unique event in its capacity to unite so many members of the global environmental community. To the delegates, this unmatched opportunity for learning, exchanging ideas, and meeting new people is priceless. …   | French | Spanish

12 Feb 2009 | News story

World Heritage Managers

World Heritage Sites on the forefront of conservation

When did conservation stop being a luxury? Is the voice of Africa loud enough for everyone to hear? …  

21 Oct 2008 | Video


The biggest sustainability summit in two minutes

See, listen and get the feel of nine days of intense meetings, launch of new agreements and strategies, the buzz from the corridors, where the future of our planet is being discussed and the future of our nature is being decided. Some things just cannot be done over the internet! …  

14 Oct 2008 | Video

En busca de un parque para la paz

Luego de ser aprobada, la moción 60 de UICN que pretende el establecimiento de un parque transfronterizo para la paz entre Honduras y Nicaragua, deja la vía libre para generar una nueva área protegida que integre la gestión de los ecosistemas y brinde medios de vida a poblaciones locales en condiciones de vulnerabilidad. …  

14 Oct 2008 | News story

New President Elected

New IUCN president elected

Ashok Khosla from India is the new IUCN president. Thousands of members gathered for the announcement this morning following yesterday's democratic election.

14 Oct 2008 | Video

Ashok Khosla

The next four years

Interview with Dr Ashok Khosla
The Members of IUCN, the world's largest and oldest environmental network, elected today their new president. Dr Ashok Khosla from India will lead the Union in the next four years. He met with IUCN web TV shortly after the election results were announced. …  

14 Oct 2008 | Video

Whale photograph

Watch the whales

IUCN’s members voted in favour of a resolution on whale conservation which called for the promotion of non-lethal use of whales through responsible whale watching. …  

14 Oct 2008 | News story

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