About Accreditation

Participation in the Members’ Assembly at the IUCN World Conservation Congress offers IUCN member organizations in “good standing” (those having paid their dues up to and including 2007) an opportunity to:

  1. vote in the Members’ Assembly on motions, and
  2. vote in the elections for the President, Treasurer, Regional Councillors and Commission Chairs.

In order to avail itself of these voting rights, an IUCN member organization must complete the accreditation formalities outlined below.

What is accreditation?

The purpose of accreditation is to ensure that only member delegations in “good standing” speak and participate in voting and elections at the Congress.

Under the provision of the IUCN Statutes, voting members are:

  • Government Members: Category A:
  • (a) States and government agencies
  • NGO Members: Category B:
  • (b) national non-governmental organizations and
  • (c) international non-governmental organizations

What are the steps for accreditation?

In order for your credentials to be duly validated, please complete the following three steps:

  1. Ensure that your organization is in “good standing” by having paid your organization’s membership fees up to and including 2007*.
    The IUCN Statutes provide that the rights of members in connection with elections, voting and motions are suspended when the dues of a member are one year in arrears. Therefore, if your organization has not paid its membership dues up to and including 2007, it will not be able to fully participate in the IUCN World Conservation Congress.

  2. Complete your on-line registration as a Congress participant from IUCN Member Organization, providing all the required information on the registration form, including your member number.
    IMPORTANT: Your organization may be represented at the Members’ Assembly by up to three delegates. You must nominate a Head of Delegation. (See screen 4 of the on-line registration form.) Prior written approval of the Director General shall be required before your organization (or any observer institution) may be represented at the Members’ Assembly by more than three people. Please see the letter template to use for this purpose.
    Any Head of Delegation who is unable to attend a plenary session (known as a ‘sitting’) of the Members’ Assembly may be replaced by another delegate duly authorized by the Head of Delegation.

  3. Submit an official “Statement of Credentials” addressed to the Director General of IUCN, either by e-mail to  or by fax to +41-22-999 0025, before the Congress opens, using the model statement provided in the Credentials section of the Congress website.
    IMPORTANT: This official statement must be duly signed by the responsible officer of your organization who has the necessary authority to nominate the head and members of your delegation. The statement must state your membership number, the full name and title of the head of your delegation as well as the name of each member of your delegation. Authorized officers may declare themselves as representatives of your organization. The statement must bear an official seal or be accompanied by an official letter. Should the composition of your delegation change, your new delegate(s) must carry an updated ‘Statement of Credentials’. The last statement issued will be considered as the valid version.

Proxy Votes

If your organization is unable to attend the IUCN World Conservation Congress you may empower another member organization by written proxy to speak and vote on your behalf.

If your organization wishes to give a proxy vote to another member organization, you must submit credentials as described in the sections above.